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hospitality media & entertainment solutions
in room we recognize the needs of both hotel guests and hoteliers. that's why we are partnering with leading hospitality industry solution providers to provide video-on-demand and online services at minimal cost to hoteliers. in-room entertainment solutions are smart investments by providing guests with in-room entertainment solutions, hoteliers are not only satisfying their guests' needs and also making smart investments that help increase revenue. in-room entertainment solutions help:

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ecommerce, or electric commerce, is one of the most important aspects of the internet to emerge. it allows people to exchange goods and services immediately and with no barriers of time or distance. our team of consultants bring you a wealth of expertise, knowledge, experience and research that insure successful implementation of the ecommerce technology to allow you explore and exploit the real opportunities at any instant of time.

e-learning has become a critical complimentary pedagogic tool for higher education. we will assist you with:
  • developing your e-learning requirements
  • conducting e-learning system evaluation
  • implementing an lms implementation
  • develop an e-learning content development program
  • do you get paid for duets on tiktok
open source library solutions

you can minimize your cost of automating your library assets with affordable and scalable open source library systems. use this state of the art web based system to build your collection and start circulating today. no costly software, hardware, or networking nightmares.

school information systems

school information system
open-source student information system that is easy to manage and customize with low total cost of ownership, completely web-based, and easily integrated with almost any other system


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